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Days 24 & 25 Barkly Homestead Roadhouse to Bororoola and Bi

sunny 31 °C

DAY 24

It's doubling AMAZING - we have internet and phone service and yet Google maps doesn't even know where we are so Ive had to attach our own map to show you where we are.

We drove into Barkly Homestead Roadhouse and topped up with fuel, water and checked tyre pressures, had morning tea and seeing as we had internet access, posted yesterdays blog.
We turned onto the Cape Crawford road (?) which is only a single lane sealed road. Well as well as being very narrow with some quite high drop offs on the edge, it was quite bumpy until we reached the first rest Area near the Burnette Downs cattle station.
On the way we crossed the Playford River where there were many hundreds of cattle assembling to get a drink of what water was left in the river.
We had lunch in the Burnette Downs Rest Area. There were some lovely little finches there trying to get some water from the tap which was supplied by windmill.
After lunch we drove on the Kiana Turnoff Rest Area. The scenery (?) along the way was something quite out of the ordinary. You can see for miles in all directions with nothing there.
There was a sign along the way which said “Wollogorang Station – 500 km”. You wouldn’t be driving to visit your nearest neighbour too often out here.
There is a windmill at Kiana Turnoff rest area and a bird of some description has made a nest in the frame.
We are camped here for the night. Tonight we had our first evening meal outside together. There were a few insects but nothing to worry about. It was very pleasant sitting out, eating and a glass of wine to assist the digestion.2012_Aug_9..doors_2.jpg

DAY 25

We were up early and under way this morning before it got too hot (I know it’s the middle of winter in Australia but, the midday temperature up here will be about 32 Deg C today).
We drove the 107 km into Cape Crawford and after having morning tea there, continued on to Borroloola where we booked into a caravan park for the night.
We drove the 107 km into Cape Crawford and after having morning tea there, continued on to Borroloola where we booked into a caravan park for the night.
After setting up and having lunch we went a further 50 odd kms in Pommy Bobs car to Bing Bong. There really isn’t much here except a loading facility for lead and zinc from the nearby mine which goes out to sea and meets a bulk carrier about 35 km off shore.
This is the first view of the ocean we have had since we left home 25 days ago. The water looks wonderful and Hiroe had to have a paddle even though there may have been crocodiles in the water. Well, that’s what the sign says anyway.

Sorry - no photos today - Travellers point won't upload them.

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Day 23 Camooweal to Wonarah Bore Rest Area

Last night the sky at sunset was a lovely colour and I took the opportunity to take some photos including a couple of brolgas flying in formation overhead.
We left he amazing campspot near Camooweal Billabong and 14 kms later came to the Queensland-Northern Territory border so had to take a photo of the three of us here.
Not long after crossing the border we came upon about 35 km of roadwork with side detours.
We stopped for morning tea at the Avon Downs Rest Area. There’s not much here except for a Police Station which has a FREE COFFEE stand for travellers. The aim is to slow folk down on these roads which have a 130 km per hour limit.
Next stop was at Wunara Store Rest Area. Well, it was once the site of a store. The building is still there but empty. We had lunch there then drove on to Wonarah Bore Rest Area where we have stopped for the afternoon and night. There are a lot of small finches in the bushes here.120132012_Aug_8..__Copy_.jpg
The scenery today has been a bit boring – quite flat and in most places, treeless. Some scrub patches. The grass is quite dry and some might say attractively golden colour.
Just before we entered this Rest Area we noticed that there had been some sort of vehicle fire on the side of the road which had set fire to the surrounding scrub. I walked back to where it was to find that it must have been some large ute or truck. The engine etc which was of some sort of alloy had completely melted.

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Day 22 Mt Isa to Camooweal

sunny 29 °C


We left Mt Isa fairly early this morning after having a little run in with a visitor to the park who shouldn't have even had his vehile in the van park. He saw we were ready to leave but parked his car right in front of us so that we couldn't get out. He was quite put out when Hiroe asked him to mave his car.
It was a long and boring drive to Camooweal which is only about 20km from the Queensland/Northern Territory border. On the way we came across a large fire which was burning undergrowth and doing a good job. There was quite a bit of smoke hae across the road.
When we arrived at Camooweal we had lunch and noticed that there was a caravan in the towns parking area with a sign in one of it's windows advertising hair cuts so Pommy Bob booked in the have his locks shorn.
We topped up with fuel then drove just out of town and across the Georgina River and pulled into a free campsite alongside a very large billabong.
There are a tremendous number of water birds here including, Brolga's, Egrets, Pelicans, ducks, Corellas (which are not strictly speaking water birds although they do seem to congregate and next next to water), some shags as well as other birdlife like willie wagtails etc. All can be seen from where I am sitting writting this. It is a lovely spot.

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Days 20 - 21 At Mt Isa in Queensland

sunny 28 °C

We tried to find a programmed Market in Cloncurry without any success so we decided to give it a miss and continue on to Mt Isa. On the way we had morning tea at Fountain Springs Rest Area. This appears to be a very popular spot as there are many caravans and motor home set up here.
We drove on into Mt Isa. The mine chimneys which are huge appeared well before we saw the town itself. We booked into a caravan park, had lunch then visited the Information Centre. Pommy Bob booked himself on an underground mine tour tomorrow morning.
We drove up to the lookout which has great views of the town and of the mines here at Mt Isa.
We drove through the town and we were very disappointed that there were only 2 businesses open. Crazy Clarks and Bunnings. It's Sunday and that's what happens in Queensland on Sundays - NOTHING open. Very primitive.
Whilst that said - it's amazing - we must be back in some sort of civilisation as we have 5 analogue and 14 digital free to air TV stations here.
The chimney in the above photos is quite large. It is 270 metres high (that's over 1/4 Km). The base is 22 Metres in diameter and the base thickness is 700 mm. The total weight of the chimney is 17,400 tonnes which doesn't include the reinforcing steel. The construction was completed in 1978

Here is another look at where we have been since we left home.
This morning whilst Pommy Bob was exploring his mine, we went shopping for necessities as we will be away from any large (or small) shops for a while. We may even be without internet connection.
When Bob returned at midday, we packed up picnic lunches and went out to Lake Moondarra. This is a man made lake which was constructed to supply the City of Mt Isa with a reliable water supply. Construction was completed in 1958. It certainly is a picturesque place in the arid region of Queensland.

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Days 18 and 19


sunny 27 °C

We arrived at Cloncurry early this morning. The Moon last night was brilliant and managed to get a photo.

We booked into Wals Camp. We had to take unpowered sites but that doesn't worry us as we have power on board and solar panels to charge the battery.
After setting up we went into town a did a variety of shopping including changing a gas tank.
After lunch we went for a drive to the Information Centre and then up to the main lookout over Cloncurry and to the Chinamans dam recreation area. It is very beautiful.
In the evening we went back into town to see a street parade. Many young people who were really enjoying themselves.


This morning we went to the local showground to see some of the action at the Curry Muster (Cloncurry's Annual Rodeo.)
There were cowboys and cowgirls from many places in Eastern Australia right down as far as Victoria as well as many from New South Wales and of course a lot from all over Queensland.
Some of the riders put on very good shows. The young lass who won the Junior Barrel Race was only about 10.
The Bull riding was excellent. Those young men who enter these events sure do take a pounding.
Following that there was some good bare back horse riding and one poor fellow after making a good ride came off his horse who went away then turned and charge the lad toppling him over and trampling on him. The Ambulance folk were quick to act and in no time he was up and staggering out of the ring.

Pommy Bob stayed to continue watching - Hiroe had had enough so we walked the 2 km back to Wal'

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