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Days 8 - 11

Mitchell to Longreach in Queensland

sunny 20 °C

We slept in this morning – the alarm clock failed. We left Mitchell a little late, 9.00 am. Before leaving though, took a photo of the water at Neil Turned Weir.
We continued on to Morven where we had morning tea. Not very much at Morven except a ‘Kerosene Tin hut’ from the depression years. It would have been hard living through this time.
Onwards again to Augathella for lunch and a look around the town. We took some photos of a sculpture of a meat eating ant together with a sign explain about these ants.
There was quite a bit of work being done on the road up to Tambo and they need it as well as much more to be done. The road is VERY bumpy and the surface in places is far from good.
When we reached Tambo we drove up the main street and then did a circuit of the back blocks before pulling into the Tambo Teddy shop where Hiroe made a purchase.
We have camped on the banks of the Barcoo River for the night. We had a very pleasant happy hour tonight.2012_July_..-_Tambo.jpg2012_July_..t_Tambo.jpg
Before leaving Tambo we walked along the main street. Not very much of interest apart from the Post Office which has a large unusual roof vent on it. It’s quite decorative.2012_July_..of_vent.jpg
We drove on towards Blackall and on the way Pommy Bobs computer management system indicated a fault. We stopped and Bob read up on the problem in his vehicle handbook and came to the conclusion that we could continue our journey and that he should have the system checked as soon as possible. On reaching Blackall he have a Service Centre do a diagnostic check of his system and they could find nothing wrong, even though the warning light was still on.
We had morning tea in the town’s park and noticed a statue of a man there and upon inspection found it to be of a man who during the First World War won both the Military Cross and the Victoria Cross. His name was E.T. Towner, a Lieutenant in the Australian Army.
2012_July_..lackall.jpg2012_July_.._plaque.jpg1201320132012_July_..lackall.jpg1.20132013201E 0122012_July_..lackall.jpg
We walked up and down the quite long main street of Blackall. We came across a stuffed doll of an old man and Hiroe tried to ‘chat him up’ without getting much response.12012_July_..lackall.jpg
We continued our journey towards Barcaldine and a Road Train in passing Pommy Bob threw up a rock which hit his windscreen. Cracks started to appear and grow and by the time we reached Barcaldine it was obvious that the windscreen would have to be replaced. It has taken a few phone calls to his insurance company to arrange a replacement.2012_July_..dscreen.jpg
We have booked into a caravan park for 2 nights to give time to fix Bobs vehicle and to enable us to have a look around this town tomorrow.
Late afternoon we went up to near the office of the van park for some entertainment with Billie Tea and Damper. Well, the Billie Tea and the damper were good but not too keen on the entertainment. Still, it was all free so no use complaining.
Bob has finally got somewhere with his windscreen problem – we have to go to Longreach to have it attended to – it’s only 106 km away.
A little sleep in this morning since our van is parked under a tree and it was quite dark. After breakfast we went for a walk through the town of Barcaldine visiting the Anglican Church which is heritage listed and has lovely stained glass window and wonderful fretwork in the roofing timbers. We continued on our walk and had a look at the Masonic Lodge which is constructed with both timber and metal cladding. The front of the building although timber, has been painted to look like brickwork.
Walking further we came across a lot of swallows nests constructed in the veranda ceilings of one of the stores in the main street
From here we walked to the Tree of Knowledge which is where the shearers who were on strike in 1891 met. As a result of the conflict with graziers and the police which resulted in a great number of the strikers being jailed for up to 3 years, the Australian Labour Party evolved.
In 2006 someone poised the tree and it subsequently died. A rather impressive structure has been built over what remains of the tree.
12012_July_..caldine.jpg1.20132013201E 0122012_July_..caldine.jpg
Bob and Hiroe had a go on a musical instrument found in a park in town.2012_July_..caldine.jpg
We returned to our vans for lunch before returning to town for a visit of a few hours to the Australian Workers Heritage Centre. There is quite a lot to see here and possibly to see and appreciate it all would need more than the one day visit.
We were up early this morning and left Barcaldine at 8.15, heading for Longreach where Pommy Bob is going to have his windscreen fitted.
We stopped briefly at Illfracombe to have a look at the Wellshot Hotel and some of the old machinery alongside the road. There was a rather heavy tractor which was petrol, kerosene or alcohol powered and used 4 gallons per mile of fuel. Very expensive.
Another interesting machine was a Waugh Dam Excavator built in Sydney.
We continued on into Longreach and booked into a caravan park then we followed Bob to where his windscreen was being replaced; picked him up and went into town for a walk around including a visit to the Information centre. We did a little necessary food shopping and returned to the van park for lunch.
There were a huge number of corellas sitting in a tree very close to town.
After lunch it was decided that since Bob’s vehicle would be out of action for most of the afternoon, we would visit the QANTAS Founders Museum. We spent a few hours here looking around at some of the old aircraft and watching a couple of historical videos.

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Days 6 & 7

Surat to Mitchell

sunny 18 °C

Day 6

There was a magnificent sunset last night but unfortunately I was a bit slow in taking a photo. We also had a look at the stars later on during the evening when it got dark. There are millions of them.
We left the nice quiet campspot at Rosehill and drove north for 20 km to the small town of Surat. The Shire Hall has an unusual clockface with the name of Alex J Simpson who was the Mayor of the Shire from 1925 to 1946, instead of numerals.
After Surat we continued on to Roma having morning tea in a rest area on the way. We all did some “Reject Shop” shopping in Roma then visited the Information Centre to pick up some ideas for up the road and had lunch them drove onwards to Mitchell. The road between these two towns is the most ‘bumpy’ that I have ever driven on. After checking whether the Hot Spar was operating after recent floods, we drove out to the Neil Turner Weir Free campsite and weve decided to stay here for 2 nights and visit the spar tomorrow.

Day 7

It was quite cool during the night then having decided to stay in Mitchell at a rather pleasant free campsite just 3 km out of the town centre on the banks of Neil Turner Weir we went into town and while Hiroe did some washing in the Laundromat, Pommy Bob and I walked around the whole town.
After the washing was finished we all went to the town’s artesian spa where the temperature is a constant 38 deg C.
It was wonderful just lazing in the water. After an hour of relaxation it was time to return to the vans for lunch and then we went just outside town to where the Kenniff Brothers, who were bushrangers, were captured in 1902 following their murder of a settler and a policeman.

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Days 4 & 5

Wee Wa in ew South Wales to Surat in Queensland

sunny 21 °C

Day 4
We departed the showground at Wee Waa and did a short trip round the town. Came across an impressive 3 storied Imperial Hotel so had to take a photo.
We drove to Narrabri and visited the Information and Cotton Centre. Some very good exhibits in here including a cotton harvester.
We had morning tea in a bus shelter (out of the wind which is quite cold) and just finished in time as a bus pulled in to pick up passengers.
We continued on to Moree where we had lunch in a park and then a short walk along the Gwydir River which is flowing quite well. It’s to be expected with all the rain they have had out here recently.2012_July_..r_Moree.jpg
On again to Boomi, a very small village of 70 folk. The lady in the shop (?) directed us to the Koramba Cotton Gin where she thought we might get a tour of the Gin. The track into the gin was very sloppy but we managed to get there OK and I managed to get our caravan slightly bogged and Pommy Bob managed to pull us out at the completion of the tour which was very interesting.
After the Gin Tour we crossed the State border into Queensland and arrived at the small township of Talwood where we have camped for the night in the Sportsground which has free electricity, hot showers and toilets.

Day 5
After making minor repairs to Pommy Bobs radio antenna we left Talwood and proceeded to Nindigully Pub. There is nothing else here apart from the Pub and a disused bridge across the Moonie River. This Pub had "Free Beer - Yesterday". This hotel is reputed to be the longest continually licenced hotel in Queensland. We had morning tea here in the mud.
We continued on to St George which sits on the bank of the Balonne River. We had a walk around town, did a little food shopping and bought pies for lunch which we ate looking down at the river. It has really warmed up during the day.
Next to the bakery where we purchased the pies was an old Ford Bakery Cart so took a photo.
On again till we reach an old Cobb and Co coach changing Station at Rosehill, just 20 km short of Surat. We decided that this was a lovely quiet spot so we have camped here for the night.

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Days 2 - 3

Boorowa to Wee Waa

sunny 17 °C

Day 2 –
Sorry about the last entry – I forgot to include the map of where we have been. (Have included it with this entry), and also for having 2 photos of Pommy Bob fixing his wheel bearing.
We left Boorowa at 9.00 and drove to Cowra where we had morning tea before going to have a look at the Information Centre which included a display related to the Japanese Prisoner of War Breakout during WW2.

We continued on to Goolagong which was originally our planned stopping place for last night. Took a photo of the crumbling Church here which it looks as though some enterprising individual is attempting to repair.
From Gooloogong we continued on to Forbes, arriving there right on lunch time so we had lunch in the park near a fountain which some bright spark has added some detergent.
There are some lovely old building in Forbes and some of them included the Uniting Church, Town hall and Post Office. We walked around town which is quite large.2012_July_.._Office.jpg2012_July_.._Church.jpg
After Forbes we drove to Bogan Gate then Trundle which again, is a very small village with a huge hotel, very old shops and a very wide main street.
We continued on through Tullamore and arrived at Albert where we have parked for the night in front of the Rabbit Trap Hotel.
Day 3
We left Albert at 8.30 and drove to Tottenham which is supposed to be in the centre of the State of New South Wales. Quite a large pub here for such a small town. It is very cold this morning – even the locals are complaining about it.
We then took a very narrow road (only 1 vehicle wide) to Nevertire. We have entered cotton growing area as well as sheep and cattle.
We had morning tea at Nevertire and Hiroe did her usual thing of playing on the childrens apparatus in the park.
After morning tea it was on to Warren which is a fairly large town and very clean and tidy. An interesting Anglican Church here – constructed from timber.2012_July_.._Warren.jpg
From Warren it was on to Coonamble and Pilliga where we had intended staying. They have had so much rain out here lately that the campground at Pilliga’s Hot Spring was a mud bath surrounded by a lake of water. The caravans which were there were parked in the red mud. Not for us so we drove on to Wee Waa where we have camped for the night in the towns showground. $15 a night.

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Day 1

overcast 12 °C

Day 1.
Welcome to our 2012 Trip Blog. – Tuesday 17th July.
This entry is mainly to introduce those who are on this trip plus a brief itinerary.
The attached photo shows the three of us with our caravans at H.M.A.S. Albatross Naval Air Station Nowra. Left to right – Bob and Hiroe Campbell and on the right, Bob Bridgestock, hereinafter to be known as “Pommy Bob”

This Bob hails from Coventry in England. Bob’s wife passed away 7 years ago and with his two children; Emma and Paul both living in Australia with their families he decided to come ‘Down Under’ and join them 5 years ago.

Bob joined our caravan club and is currently Secretary

Bob had been saying he would like to see more of Australia and when we invited him to join us on this years trip (our 6th time around), he jumped at the opportunity
Additionally there is us, the Campbell’s who most of you already know about so enough said there.

We will be going up to Darwin in the Northern Territory where hopefully it is warmer than here. We’ll travel through the centre of New South Wales and Queensland to get there.

After Darwin we will head west to the Kimberley Area of Western Australia which is arguably the most scenic area of Australia then down the west coast to Perth before travelling over the Nullarbor and returning home sometime late October or early November. Well, that’s the basic plan so far. We have been known to change our minds before. More details as we go along.

We met at the Naval Air Station, H.M.A.S. Albatross at 8.30 am
The start of our 2012 Trip at HMAS Albatross

The start of our 2012 Trip at HMAS Albatross

Broken Bearing

Broken Bearing

We then travelled via Nerriga, a small village consisting of nothing more than a hotel and a church then Oallen Ford on the upper reaches of the Shoalhaven River, Tarago then Bungendore. We skirted around the Nations Capital, Canberra to Yass and finally stopping at Boorowa where we have camped for the night in the villages Caravan Park. Pommy Bob had a wheel bearing fall apart on his caravan so we spent a good hour or so getting it fixed and decided that we would stay in Boorowa for the night rather that going on any further.

We found some other members of our Club here in the Park – Kevin and Dianne Elphinstone.

Well, that’s it for now. Don’t forget to hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button on the right so that you will get notification of further updates as we go along.

Bob, Hiroe and Pommy Bob

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